Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Lurve Poem of Sorts

Imagine this being sung by a cheesy early 90s soul balladeer

(Piano intro)
Baby, I love you
You know that I do
But the world is pulling us apart
And there's not much I can do
Just yesterday the sun exploded
And everybody died
But we're super robots
So we both survived
But the atmosphere is gone
And with no gravity
Its hard for me to hold on
Oh, I'll meet you
On the south side of the moon

(Electric guitars kick in)
On the south side of the moon
I will be there soon
Just as soon as my rocket boosters
Repair themselves
I'll be right next to you
(Female background vocals: Oooh oooh ooh)
Baby I know
That it's cold
And the galaxy is spiraling out of control
So just hold
Just hold
Oh baby baby just hold on to me
And we'll make robot love
While the black hole sucks us in
into infinity

(Back to just tinkly piano)
Oh baby baby baby
I'll be with you....
As soon as I can find my legs
And my arms
And the the other half of my torso
I'll meet you...
On the south side of the moon


Phantom Spitter said...

Nice one!

About CYOF... That answer was all I could think of at the moment. Sorry! I was sleepy and it was a long day. My brain refused to be creative! Let's see... How about these choices:

1) A meteor crashes behind Betsy Anne's house and you go to check it out.

2) You prowl around the house some more and run into Betsy Anne's boyfriend.

3) You go to visit the weird scientist neighbor.

4) You run far, far away until you stop at Mexico and live there from now on.

5) You look out the window and see your parents return from the swinger party.

6) You find Betsy Anne's dad, make friendly conversation with him, and suddenly he has a heart attack and falls to the floor, dead.

7) You feel yourself becoming a squirrel. Urge... to.. harvest nuts... for winter!

8) You snoop through Betsy Anne's room. Shelves, closets, under bed, etc.

9) You discover a time machine in the house. Where/When will you go?

10) Do excersizes! That's right skinny, work it! Push-ups! Hut-two! Hut-two! Feel the burn!!

Dat's all I got fer now. To pick one of my own choices, it's a tie between 1, 6, and 8. Meh, I pick 6! How'd I do, Kurdt?

Kurdt said...

Awesome! I'll have to pick a bunch of those to work with. Or maybe do all of them somehow. This should be interesting...

Phantom Spitter said...

Thanks! Can't wait!

Kurdt said...

By the way, have either of you guys seen this guys blog:

Its a bit dirty, but theres some really good drawings there.

Phantom Spitter said...

When I put "dad" on my choices, I meant step-dad.

Anonymous said...


I just jizzed my pants in excitement. Crap, it's still coming!