Sunday, March 1, 2009

CYOF Needs More Ideas! And Some Other Junk

I only got one idea for ways the story could go, thats not good! Lets start throwing crazy ideas out there! Or is the story going in kind of a crappy direction? We could back track it if you want. Or just start over with a different story. I was thinking of doing that anyways, just start over and plopping "you" down in a different setting. What do you guys think?

Currently reading: Billions and Billions by Carl Sagan
If you ever fully reject religion, fill up that aching void in your heart with science! It feels real good.

Listening to: Walls to Roses: Songs of Changing Men
I've had this CD of gay folk music for awhile but it seems to get better the more I listen to it. Thats not "gay" as in "its lame." Its folk music by a group of homosexual musicians. No, no I'm not gay, good music is good music!

Currently wanting to watch: Coraline
Arrgh, I missed Wall-E in the theaters and now I'm going to miss this too! Hopefully I will get to experience it before the "goth" kids get a hold of it and it starts turning up at Hot Topic. Unless it has already....

This post's random thoughts:
Johnen Vasquez said he didn't really mind Invader Zim merchandise but he put a stop to pairs of Gir sandals. He said the thought of them being worn on dirty feet made him sick. And he claims that IZ fan fiction makes him want to puke. A quick glance at a few pages of it on the net and its not hard to see why...

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Anonymous said...


1. You wipe of your chest, go to the garage and look for a weapon to end Betsy's stepfather.

2. You confront Betsy Ann, only to realize her vagina is a tentacled monster from a strange nether-world of evil.

3. Before you can get the dirty deed of murder, horniness grabs a hold of thy brain and forces you into a wild whirlwind of rape.

These are three solutions I think of, but I'd go for the second one.