Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weird Dream (4/Mar/09)

I am in my old house
An old woman I don't know is my mother
My dog is there to, even though he's been dead for years
A black car is driving up to the house
My mother says they're here because of all the cars parked outside
I have no idea why there are so many cars parked outside
Suddenly we're hiding in a car outside, watching
The car pulls up
Two people get out
A man and a woman
They go into the house with guns drawn
They seem mad that theres no one at home, they're yelling
My dog runs up and starts barking
They shoot him in the leg and he falls
I start crying

Later we buy small guns from a gas station
Mine is a little green plastic key chain
I am with a group of people
We gun them both down
There's lots of blood but it looks like ketchup
We're all little kids
We get yelled at by an adult for what we've done
The camera pans up and I can see that we're in a school yard
There's lots of bodies and cartoonish looking blood everywhere

I wake up, take a shower, and write down this strange dream as best I can recollect. Soon I will go to work with it rolling around in my head. After a whole day I will probably be no closer to what it means. And then it will fade and disappear. Such is the way of things.

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Anonymous said...

This kinda shit happens to me all the time. Anybody else get weird dreams involving circus rides and glitchy camera-work like you'd see in a Slipknot video?

I'm being totally serious! It's weird...