Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alright, One More Little Thing

What I love about Shortpacked! is that even though it's goofy and surreal and nerdy David Willis is still able to create interesting characters that I actually care about. I'm actually very happy that Robin and Leslie are finally hooking up! I feel like a middle aged woman with her soap operas, if they were written by obsessive Transformer's fans.
That and I'm glad that he has gay characters that aren't total cliches. I wish Hollywood would get the memo that not all gay men are flaming queens. But thats a rant for another time...


Anonymous said...

Kurdt: I'm officially transferring to my sketch blog.

I'm still going to be posting other life / cartoon related stuff, just on another blog.

It's going to be such a bitch transferring my link-list. Damn my love of art.

Ignatz said...

I'd never heard of this comic before this post. Looks interesting!

Kurdt said...

Following your blog Spumkin, try to stay in one place!

I only got into Shortpacked a couple months ago, apparently there's a huge fanbase for it, I love finding new webcomics even if I feel out of the loop as far as "fan communities" go.