Friday, July 10, 2009

Weird Dream

So I'm a at a concert and the band is playing Sad But True by Metallica on a very small stage. No one in the crowd seems interested and everyone is just sitting looking bored. A few people are playing with their cell phones. Then someone stands up and shoots the bass player in the head. No one reacts, not even the band. They just keep playing the song, the guitarist even steps on the guy. It's probably the most vivid and surreal dreams I've ever had and I just wanted to record it before it started to fade.

Oh yeah, and after that I had a dream about fighting a zombie, for some reason. I kept shooting it till it finally dropped. Then it came back but it turned out that wasn't the zombie but a guy in a Halloween costume.

I suppose both dreams were supposed to be nightmares which I haven't had much as an "adult" but they weren't particularly frightening, just weird. Jeez brain, I've pumped you full of so many horror novels and movies over the years, trying to scare me like that isn't going to work!


Ignatz said...

I once had a dream that a mad scientist built a huge magnet with a dead body in it in my staircase. The dead body gave it its power. When the scientist said "keys", "door knobs", etc., all the keys, door knobs, etc., in the world clutched to it.

About early Dennis the Menace, I love it! I got that slipcase set of the first 4 years. So beautifully drawn.

Kurdt said...

It's kind of sad how DtM has devolved into a kids say the cutest things type strip isn't it? Thats what happens when syndicates insist the strips go on long after their original creators deaths. But even a strip like Garfield that still bears Jim Davis's name (although I've read he has a factory setup now that makes it) isn't funny after years of wearing out the same jokes. I'm actually glad Watterson stopped doing Calvin and Hobbes before it got stale, even though I still miss it.