Sunday, July 26, 2009


You said “lets go out, there’s a party on tonight
We’ll get you drunk and get you laid
And we’ll come home when it’s light.”
I had nothing better to do
So I climbed into your truck
Even though I never had much luck
With all that socializing stuff

As soon as we walked in the door
You shoved a beer at me
I drank one down and looked around
At the hip happening scene
Nobody was wasted yet
So it was all a bore
I contemplated running out
The apartment’s white front door

But there was food out on the table
They were cooking it on the porch
It didn’t sit
But I ate a bit
And then I drank some more
After the food was gone
The music came on
And everyone got up to dance
But I don’t give a rip
For that hip hop shit
So on the couch I did sit
And watched the drunks all lurch

Now the girl’s were wearing skirts
That were well above the knee
But I was drunk
So I couldn’t get it up
And it didn’t bother me
But then one sat upon my lap
And kissed me on the head
Goddamn the alcohol I thought
I might as well go to bed

At 11 o clock
The party stopped
When the neighbors did complain
“Let’s go to the club
And have more fun.”
Someone did exclaim
So everybody left the place
And they pulled me along
I missed my bed
But they all said
“You’re too drunk to walk home.”

As we walked along
I sang a song
To no one but myself
And mused upon the dirty streets
This garbage filthy Hell
When Lee took a swing
At a man named King
I was done with the whole damn thing
And I wandered off by myself

And no one ran after me
And no one said goodbye
And pretty soon I was lost
But not a care had I
I walked along and sang my songs
And mused upon the night
And pretty soon I found my bed
And slept till afternoon light

So what’s the moral of this thing
This poetaster’s tale of woe?
I have no answers for you there
I really do not know
But there’s one thing I am sure of
And you’ll probably think it queer:
I loves me jolly solitude
As much as I loves me beer.

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