Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Heaven, Everything is fine, In Heaven....

You're floating
Actually You're not sure if you're floating
All there is around you is featureless white void
There is no up or down, left or right
This frightens you immensely
So you create a spot of ground to stand on
Just a small spot to rest your feet
But there's still the void surrounding you
So you create a lot more land
Till you can't see it anymore
The only problem is
That no matter how far you walk
You always hit that void
So you surround your spot of land with water
And create a sky
And a sun
And clouds
You find that you can decorate this island
However you want
And can make it night or day
And control the weather
You make a thick jungle
With a house in the middle
A large mansion
That you were never able to afford when you were alive
And you create a mountain
To climb up
And jump off of
You can break every bone in your body
And not feel pain
And you heal up quickly
And you're good as new again
One day after creating your own little world
You sit on a rock over looking your ocean
Smoking cigars
You never would have bothered with when you were alive
And you
Just what is the meaning of death?


Ignatz said...

This one is pretty great, Kurdt!

By the way, Spumkin and I posted our decisions on CYOF.

Kurdt said...

Working on CYOF right now. It'll probably be up tomorrow. Thanks to both of you guys for being my only steady readers and commenters!