Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thinking...and poem!

I was thinking of doing a megapost and putting up pictures of my small collection of comic art and graphic novels. I think that would be a bit show-offy though. What do you guys think?

and now...a love poem (For Jen):

I walk around the graveyard at night
To find my love by the pale moonlight
My lady she walks between the trees
And where she steps she moves no leaves
Her clothes are tattered but her face is serene
And she loves no one but me

In life her name was Molly Malone
She was wed to a man who kept her at home
And he'd leave her all night
And lock up the door
Twas no surprise, the lady got bored
And took herself up with a butcher named Mac
And ended up with a knife in her back

Now Mac took off for Americay
When he heard how low my lady did lay
And when she speaks of him
There are tears in her eyes
Bet ya didn't know that the dead can cry

I love her I love her my Molly Malone
But It saddens me that she's all alone
So by my own hand I'll soon pass away
And then my Molly I will embrace
And make love behind the graveyard gates


Justin said...

I was gonna put up pictures of my art book collection, cartoon figures, posters, etc., on my blog too. I wouldn't want it to turn into a contest when I put mine up, but go ahead. If you own original art, I'd like to see it.

Great poem!

Justin said...

By the way... just between you and me, I think Boleander Yergabick is really Marlo Meekins!

Anonymous said...

I could see the Irish song influence in your writing. I love the poem though!! It was like a mix of Edgar Allen Poe and Tim Burton. That's the image I got. hehe. Fantastic.

Kurdt said...

I'm glad you like it Jen! I'm sorry that all my love poems include dead people though, I don't try that, it just comes out that way!

@Justin: It'll probably be a while before I put it up, I'm still waiting for some books I ordered to come in. I'd love to see your collection, you probably have a nicer one than me!

I figured it was Marlo too, but I'm keeping my mouth shut because I think it's hilarious.