Friday, July 3, 2009


A new piece of choose your own fate is up. It's kind of going in a different direction than I thought it would, which is nice. Hopefully we'll actually get to the jungle but it seems like it might take a bit to get there. We might not even and end up on a completely different type of adventure.

Have I shown this clip before? If I haven't then here ya go. From Titanic the Animated Movie:


Yes there really is a kids cartoon version of a tragedy that killed thousands of people. And yes it has a sequence that involves a rapping dog. And stereotyped Mexican mice. I haven't seen the whole thing but the Nostalgia Critic does a hilarious review of it. Thats the other thing I've been wasting time with this week: watching videos on .
There's so much I've been missing, why haven't I heard about this site sooner? I think I like the Nostalgia Chick the best, because she seems to be more restrained than the Critic and she's just as funny.

Okay, there's one thing I'd like to address before I stop wasting your time. Where does the stereotype that girls aren't funny come from? I can't believe people would actually swallow that crap but it seems to be a pretty popular opinion. Maybe these people are just unenlightened. Maybe we just need to show them Katie Rice's work or the musical stylings of Garfunkel and Oates. And then kick the sexist bastards in the face.

And to finish off, heres a video of a monkey peeing in his own mouth.:

Have a great week.

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Ignatz said...

That Guy With the Glasses is great!

You haven't shown that video before. Commented on CYOF and lookin' forward to the next part!