Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh Tell Me Son

Oh tell me son what do you want to be?
You're a man now son
You can do anything
With your mighty iron fists
You'll bend the world to your will
So trek forth now
And have your fill

Oh my daughter, take yourself from me
You're a woman now
As you can plainly see
So go find a man
To keep you safe from harm
The world is cold
But the kitchen is warm

Oh my wife, please dry your eyes
There's laundry to do
Tis no surprise
Those dishes in the sink
Ain't goin' to wash themselves
Don't make me angry
Or I'll make your life Hell

Oh my word, the night is coming down
It's time for me
To go out on the town
And drink up rounds
Till the sun comes back around
And not have to worry about the days
When I'll be buried underground.

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