Sunday, December 27, 2009

Favorite Old School Toy Commercials

Johnny Reb Cannon (From Remco!)

If I had gotten this as a kid, I would probably have hit my brother in the face with it the first chance I got and had it taken away. I don't know how gay I would have felt though.

Tobor (It's robot spelled backwards!)

I love how enthusiastic these kids look playing with this toy that looks like it would be fun for about five minuets. From what I've read from people that actually had this thing as kids, the darn controller never even worked right!

Baby Laugh a Lot

Another Remco toy! This one's all over the Internet, not surprisingly. You think the makers of that ad knew how creepy it was?

Micro Machines

I never quite got the appeal of Micro Machines. I had plenty of toy cars and they were all normal size, why would I want tiny ones? The ads were all pretty memorable though.

Lets ramp this bitch up with some video game ads!


I think they were going for an innocent heartwarming ad with this one but it just turned out...weird. To say the least. And yes that is George Plimpton. I have no idea why he was shilling for Intellivision but the man went 3 rounds with Archie Moore and Sugar Ray. That gave him the license to do whatever the fuck he wanted as far as I'm concerned.

Atari - Pole Position

This is my favorite ad ever. For anything. I know it's just for a silly racing game, but if I had seen this on TV as a kid I'd have begged my parents to buy it till I developed lesions in my throat. Hell, if it was for Sauerkraut, I'd have begged them to buy it. I wish they still made video game ads like that.
And this...

Mario Bros. (Atari)

Try and get that song out of your fucking head now. Mario Bros. (without the super in front of it) was a pretty bland game in the arcade, it was probably worse on the Atari, but damn if that ad doesn't make it sound more fun than shooting paintballs at a clown.

Magnavox Odyssey

And finally, the first video game ad for the first ever home video game system. It's too bad the Odyssey was a lame piece of junk, but just look at how happy the people look playing with their overlays and bright squares on their huge cabinet TV. The guy looks like he's faking it though.
Okay, one more.


Oh god, the waves of nostalgia this ad induces in me is almost sickening. Thanks to the fact that it played almost constantly during Saturday morning cartoons, I've had the jingle stuck in my head since I was 6. Sometimes I can't even remember peoples names that I work with everyday, but I remember that the best thing about Skip-it is that it has a counter on the ball. Fuck me up the ass with a chainsaw.
My grandma actually had one of these things. It was nowhere near as cool as the ads made it out to be. Of course.


Justin said...

That Mario Bros. ad reminds me, I was addicted to Super Mario Bros. (NES) last week. I've played it for years and don't think I've beaten it. That's sad.

Kurdt said...

I love NES games but they make me so mad sometimes, it's hard not to destroy my keyboard in frustration. (I've got a pretty sweet emulator on my laptop.)

Want to come over and play two player Super Mario Bros? I'm pretty sure you'd get much farther along than me.

Justin said...

Sure and how?

Kurdt said...

Someday man, someday somehow...

Kurdt said...

...I want to get a bunch of people together and play NES all night. I think that would be a sweet party.