Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some Craps

I hit 300 posts yesterday without even realizing it! 300 posts of bad poetry, poorly written stories, and projects that I got tired of and never finished. Oh, and rambling brain vomit. Oh well, it's still fun.
I also found out today that even though I'm separating from the military in July, I get to start on the paperwork and briefings tomorrow! Paperwork and briefings suck but at least I can try and keep my spirits up with the thought that in eight months all this crap will be a distant memory (Military related crap, I'll hopefully be able to keep posting here!). Where am I going after these four years of bullshit and disappointment are behind me? Hopefully back to college. I was thinking of film school but I've been reading a lot of history books lately and it's mega-interesting to me. My favorite period is right at the turn of the century, late 1800s/early 1900s. If I can study enough on it, hopefully I'll be able to write a horror novel set in that time period, which would rock. A bit ago I finished The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen which isn't really a horror novel, but is full of really squicky medical stuff. Lets just say that if you lived back then, you really didn't want to get injured and have to go to the hospital. The remedy for most injuries was amputation and since they had no anesthetics, you pretty much just had to have people hold you down while they took part of you off, with a saw if they had to cut through bone. Most people worked in factories that had no safety laws and machines that could very easily crush or tear you into pieces if you weren't careful. Whoops you lost your arm, how is your family going to eat now? I guess your kids are going to have to go to work, there's plenty of coal mines that little five year old Johnny could get work in. The mine caved in? Oops, there goes one source of income, but at least you have one less mouth to feed. Pretty soon you'll all get whooping cough and die anyways...
What was I saying? Whatever.
I have this story idea formulated from the songs I posted yesterday, but I'm going to let you guys try and figure it out. (Here's a hint, it involves love, sex, and death, but maybe not in that order.) I may try and make stories out of you guy's ideas too if they're interesting enough!
Ug, I have two whole weeks of twelve hour work shifts go get through and I'm already tired as all Hell. It's only been two days and I already miss the sun. My daydreams lately have involved a large island that has spooky jungle on it, full of creepy animals and alters of sacrifice scattered all over the place. I've been living off of crabs, fish, and coconuts there and the girl that was stranded with me is already dead after going insane and trying to swim out to an imaginary boat off on the horizon. Maybe she'll come back. I miss having someone to talk to. Oh well, more food and zombie killing for me!
I will end this rambling with a video that I'd like to dedicate to my favorite comic artist, Ricky Garduno:

Have a good times everypeoples, next time for make fun with more wordings in the heezy yo!


Justin said...

Not to be inquisitive, but I'm wondering as to why you joined the military.

Oh, and college sounds good. I want to go into a local arts program at Young Harris in Georgia for sculpting and such.

Kurdt said...

Here's a tip for when you gradiate highschool: Do not flunk out of college! I did and it left me with very few choices jobwise. The military was my last choice after I ran out of options.
Not that I regret joining, I've been all over the world, but I'm damn sick of it now.
And as for the reasons I flunked out of college...well thats a story I don't feel like telling, like ever. Maybe if enough people ask nicely ;)

Ian Andersen said...

Tyson + Final Countdown = unbeatable!

As much crap as he gets for his voice and biting that guy, he's an incredible boxer. Have you seen the Tyson documentary that came out last year I think? I saw the trailer but it got lost in my blockbuster queue and I kind of forgot about it.

Kurdt said...

I think I remember hearing about the documentry, never got a chance to see it though.
It's too bad that Tyson's personal life turned out to be such a huge mess, in his prime he was incredible in the ring.