Monday, December 14, 2009


The pig eats it's young so why can't I?
These things form in me and then slowly die
I could spare them so much pain if I could eat them alive
I can hear them scream in pain:
"Daddy come home there is room in our bed"
They claw and they scratch the inside of my head
"Daddy come home our legs are wide,
Can you feel us move inside?"
It's all in vain

The moon cast shadows on my wall
Through my window and down the hall
I will walk through rooms
Where dead men lay
They twitch and turn
And writhe in pain
If I had a soul
I'd kneel and pray
For these stillborns to live again
No more to speak or see the light
All I need is one small bite

"Daddy come home
Daddy come home
These lonely tombs are cold
Daddy come home
Come and love us so
Come and love us so"

Nobody loves my unborn children
Nobody likes the way they lay
Nobody loves my unborn children
But I can't them throw them away

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