Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life Posting: Girls who can draw, Bob Seger, and Alan Moore

One of my favorite cartoonists put up a bunch of hilarious (and cute) Disney skteches:
Her name is Emmy Cicerega and I'm ashamed to admit that I've developed kind of a large crush on her, just from reading her blog and looking at her drawings. She is incredibly cute however, which doesn't help things much. I guess it's just me being weird that I could fall in love with someone I've never met just because they can draw. If you want my heart just be female and make some funny pictures and I'm all yours.

Currently reading: V for Vendetta
There's been lots of "Alan Moore is overrated" junk going around from hipster morons lately, but the fact is that the man is a damn genius and thats all there is to it. He may be bat shit crazy, but most geniuses are. If you haven't read Watchmen or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or even Top 10, then you are missing out big time.

Currently listening to: Bob Seger's Greatest Hits
This was one of my favorite albums in high school for some reason. I started listening to it again yesterday and I can't for the life of me figure out why I liked it so much. It's not bad but it's not super awesome great like it used to be. Sigh, sometimes the past is a wisp of fog that you try over and over to grab, only to have it dissipate in your hand.

Currently watching: Prophet Buddy! Thanks once again go to the wonderful people at Dumm comics for pointing me towards another kick ass cartoonist that makes kick ass cartoons. I've been spreading these out and watching them all day!

Working on finishing up Seven Deadly Stories. I'm in a "hate everything I write, why the frick am I bothering" mood again so I've put it aside for a bit. When I feel a little better I'll pick it up and work on revising some more. Look for my Manos post on Crudloadofmovies tomorrow! Stay cool you crazy cats!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I adore the work of Alan Moore! I loved "The Watchmen", and I'm looking for a couple more of his books. That man is a brilliant, steamy-ass writer.

Oh, and congrats on beginning your new enjoyment of Prophet Buddy. That Eric Pringle sure did revolutionize the Flash medium. God bless 'em.

Phantom Spitter said...

I really ought to look up some stuff by Moore. Never read a single one of his comics. If I think he's overrated, will you consider me a hipster moron? Please don't.

Oh, and didja see El Dorado yet?

kurdt said...

I'm working on not criticizing people for not liking the same stuff as I do but if you don't like Watchmen then you'd better be prepared to give a good explanation why. In this case a simple "this sucks, Alan Moore is a crazy hack" simply will not do. I won't think less of you for it though!

El Dorado is coming up on my Netflix list! So many movies, so little time....