Thursday, February 12, 2009

Writing Experiment: Random Word

Go here: Random Word Generator
Write (or draw) whatever based on whatever word comes up.
My word is "impact"

The car hit the railing
And flew into the air
He knew he was going to die
But he really didn't care
Suspended for a moment
Before the impact came
The last lonely thought
That wandered through his brain
Was not of life or death or pain
But of the sound it would make
When his all his bones started to break
And his brain smashed into paste

He marveled at the peculiar sound
Right before he hit the ground
What a symphony for me, he thought
Right here at the end
A record that I wish I'd bought
And could show to all my friends
This is how I died I'd say
Turn the volume up a little ways
And you can hear my last breath blow
When the car stops in the snow

Then the twisted metal choir
Kept harmony with the roaring fire
The grim conductor extended a bony hand
To the back part of the band
A counterpoint they struck
Composed of snaps, crackles and pops
Then the symphony was done
But an audience there was none
The only one to see the show
Was silent in the melting snow
His admission might have been free
But it sure had lousy seats


Phantom Spitter said...

Nice one!

But when are we gonna see the next exciting chapter of Choose Your Own Fate? Maybe you should set a schedule. Like once every two days. How 'bout it? Pleeeease?

Or maybe a seperate blog for it. Maybe.

kurdt said...

I love to keep you guys in suspense. Probably this weekend though. After I've caught up on my sleep.