Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who am I?

Am I a king in a castle up high
Who sits in his throne room and weeps?
When his enemies are coming to cut off his head
A horror he's known about for weeks?
Am I a clown in a large circus show
Or a madman, a furry, a freak?
Or a thing with six arms
Come to rip you apart
Do I have the answers you seek?

I am everything
I am nothing
Just a speck of dust
On a beach large and grand
I am the waves that wash over your feet
As you slowly sink into the sand
I am Adam with apple in hand
As I give it to Eve to eat
I am your god
Your serpent
Your friend
Get on your knees
And bow down to me

I am Hitler in a bunker
With Eva when the bombs are dropped
Will you take that pill?
I know that you will
I've already killed off the dogs
I am Jack on a cold foggy night
My knife it fits well in my grip
A girl a girl a girl
I must find
To cut open from top to rind
To see what neat things there are inside

I am everything
I am nothing
The wind that tears at your clothes
And when you finally reach
The answers you seek
When you finally know who I am
I'll be there to remind you
That I'm really inside you
I am them
I am you
I am me
I am their beginnings
And their ends
That voice in your ear
That you can't help but hear
All the evil that is done
Is by my hand
For I am man


Phantom Spitter said...

Great stuff!

Am I gonna have to remind you every time when "Choose Your Own Fate" is well overdue? It's maddening!!

kurdt said...

Heh, I'll put another piece up tonight. I'll try to keep a persistent schedule from now on. Sometimes I get lazy...

Anonymous said...

Kurdt: what happened to that Simpsons post of yours?