Monday, February 23, 2009

Choose Your Own Fate: Up Dem Purty Stairs

Hmmm, you'd better try upstairs. If you go into the kitchen you'll just end up eating as much food as you can get your hands on and if you go into the living room you'll just lie down and take a nap. If you go into the back yard you'll run around chasing butterflies till someone calls the cops. You are a very strange person, I'll give you that.
You grip the stair riser and slowly creep up trying not to make a sound. When you get to the top you can hear water running. It's coming from the door right in front of you. You walk up to it and push it open a tiny bit. It's a bathroom and there is a shower running. You can see someone moving behind the opaque curtain. Someone naked, you guess. Suddenly the form turns and looks at you and you book it across the hallway into the first door you can find, hiding in the closet. Why didn't you just go back downstairs, dumbass! You hear the water shutoff and then footsteps coming down the hall. They stop at the door and it slowly opens. From your position cowering behind a stack of board games you can't see out the slats very well. Maybe you could if you moved a bit, but you wouldn't want to make noise would you?
Suddenly the closet door swings open and there is Betsy Ann wearing nothing but a towel staring right at you, her hair is still dripping wet.

Is she:
Does she run screaming down the hallway?
Or does she grab the nearest object to beat you with?
Or does she not see you at all?
Or make up your own reaction.


Anonymous said...

I'll go with horny!

Hey, and thanks for helping me with my brand new anon-troll who I'm sure crawled on his belly all the way from 4chan!

kurdt said...

I took my Simpsons post down because I didn't think it was very good and pretty much sounded like every other fan that complains about how bad the show has gotten. I'm trying to do away with whiny posts complaining about everything.

You really shouldn't have taken your child actors post down, it was actually a good read.