Saturday, October 10, 2009

Break Time!

I have decreed Saturday a break day from this project. I need a day to lay around and play with ideas. (I also need a day to sit and watch movies and eat junk food.) Tomorrow is the lord's day so it's going to be a religious story. (Type of religion may vary, offensiveness level may also vary. Please proceed at your own risk.)

But...I'm going to give you all a homework assignment! It's very simple, listen to this song:

And answer the following questions:
1. Do you think Dylan just sat down and wrote whatever came into his head, or do you think the song is just set up to sound that way?
2. Recently Dylan has been letting his songs be used in commercials. Do you think that contrasts with the message of the song?
3. What do you think the message of the song is?
4. Give any other general thoughts or feelings that the song brings up. (If any)

Edit: If any of you want to suggest story ideas, that would be great! I take any and all suggestions, no matter how strange.

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Ian Andersen said...

1, I don't think it's purely stream of consciousness writing, the lyrics have a message, but his delivery sets the song up so you can either just enjoy it without trying to understand and interpret or you can listen carefully and form the meaning.
2, Deffientely, the song seems to be all about how people will lie and do anything for a quick buck, unless these are commercials for his music or for non-profit groups it's kind of two faced.
3, About being who you are and not trying to deceive people for personal gain, and how you can't trust most people because they aren't honest
4, He sounds kind of resigned to the whole system, that it's immutable and you kind of just have to stay on your toes, but at the same time it's kind of calming, like it's okay because you'll make it through anyways

5 Hopefully you're posting your thoughts after more comments arrive?