Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Wall of Art

I've put up a few of the Katie Rice pieces I've got up on this blog, but in case you're interested, here's some of the other arts that I own.

Someday when I have an actual apartment instead of a small dorm room I'll have room to put these all over, but for now they're pretty much in one spot.

Big pants mouse sketches by Gabe Swarr that I got when I ordered his comic books.

Frog Raccoon Strawberry by Kyle A Corrozza, from his Etsy shop.

And finally, a commissioned Girlbot drawing! I like the frame I picked out, but I cut her signature off the bottom! Sorry Diana! I'll be sure to tell anyone that comes over that you drew it and to go to your website!

Original Girlbot artwork. I totally got the wrong frame size, but I think it looks alright. Check out my reflection in the glass!

Closer picture. Still working on picking out a good place to hang this. I love having art to look at and supporting artists that I really like, but I'm running out of room!

I also have some Katie Rice prints that I haven't done anything with yet but I'm actually saving them to give to the right girl, if she ever happens along. If she appreciates them, then I know she's a keeper.
I hope you found this glimpse into my world at least a tiny bit interesting.


Justin said...

That's a really good collection!

I'll have to post up some of my prints, posters, and that one little piece of Al Jaffee original art I got on eBay, on my blog.

Ian Andersen said...

That Frog Racoon is awesome I guess I should be checking Kyle's etsy more often. I still need to order my Big Pants Mouse comics.

Kurdt said...

Sweet! If I had more room I'd start a horror movie poster collection. I'd love to have a whole room with the walls covered in them.

If you have some spare cash, the drawings on Kyle's Etsy are pretty cheap and, I think, the worth the money. Well, so are the BPM comics. If you have spare cash, support the artists!