Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lets Me Knife, Knife Me Lets

I've decided that tonight, as a special writing exercise, I'm going to try and write the creepiest poem I possibly can. The title is from a lyric in Caribou, the first song on The Pixies first EP. It's a Pixies type poem, the verses are soft acoustic guitar and the choruses are loud screaming electric pain.

My blood for you
Spilled on the floor
I've bled so much
It doesn't mean anything
I see you walking
Home from school
Your short little dress
Makes me a fool
Why do you wear
Those ribbons in your hair?
You little whore...

I want to take you
Pin you to the wall
Smear your blood
All over my hall
Then you'll be mine
Forever more
Just me and my good friend
Maria the whore

I've got your pictures
Up above my bed
They're the only things I see
When I lay down my head
I dream of me
Inside of you
You try to scream
But there is nothing
Nothing you can do

I wanna take you
Never let you go
I've got so much pain
I want you to know
But you'll make it better
I know you can
I'll rip out my heart
And put it bleeding
Bleeding in your hands

I was there
At your graduation day
When you were finally done
With the sixth grade
You looked so pretty
In your new dress
Inside my pants
I made a mess
They took my camera
And they threw me out
Now tell me Maria
What was that about?
You could have said something
When I got pushed out the door
I'll make you pay
You lousy whore

I wanna take you
And cut you deep
Inside your body
I'll fall asleep
And when I wake up
We will be one
And I'll forget
All the things you've done
I love you Maria
And thats a fact
But I'd love you more
If you couldn't talk back


Justin said...

Can I make a little book collection, just one, for myself, of your poems and stories?

Kurdt said...

Sure! If you're going to show it to other people though, just make sure I get credit and maybe put a link to this blog somewhere in it.