Monday, October 5, 2009

Story a Day #3

Jimmy Pushover sat at his desk inputting data into the companies computer system. That was his entire job, ten hours a day, six days a week, typing numbers off pieces of paper into the computer system. Jimmy didn't like it much, but it paid the bills. It also gave him money to pursue his hobby: masturbating to violent morally reprehensible porn. But that has nothing to do with the story. It's called character development, it doesn't have to have anything do with the main plot, give me a break! Sheesh...
Well, anyways, one day Jimmy was inputting data into the computer like any other day when he suddenly felt strange. His head felt like it was floating near the ceiling and his hands were suddenly miles away from his body. He walked out of his cubicle down to the unisex bathroom down the hall. As he stared into the mirror and rubbed his hands over his face trying to feel something, anything, Mary from accounting walked out of one of the bathroom stalls. Jimmy wanted to do horrible things to her body, even though she was built like a linebacker and wore a horrible business suit with large shoulder pads. Jimmy liked his women large and in charge.
She looked at him strangely, then shook her head and walked out. Jimmy was filled with rage and inhibited lust! He screamed:
"Get back here you fire breathing whore!"
And to his surprise, she did. She stood in front of him like a zombie, slightly swaying back and forth.
Holy shit! Thought Jimmy. Am I dreaming?
"What is thy bidding my master?" Said Mary in her husky, almost man's voice.
"Ummm...ummm...take your clothes off!" Jimmy screamed.
"As you wish." Was her unemotional reply.
Jimmy had never seen such large thighs in his life, and such wide hips! He quivered with delight and went to grab her large but very firm breasts.
"Oh mama!" He said as he groped her.
"Mama?" Said Mary, "Is that my name? It is strange..."
"Oh no! I didn't mean that, shit!"
"As you wish..."
Mary squatted down and did her dirty business on the floor. Jimmy was repulsed, but slightly turned on.
Just then the big boss, Robert Bigman, burst through the bathroom door, his eyes going wide at the strange sight before him.
"What in the holy name of Hell is going on here?" Was all he could stammer out, his large mustache bristling.
Jimmy tried to think quick, but thinking really wasn't his strong point.
"Fuck you!" Was all he that came to mind to say.
"Who shall fuck me?" Said his now submissive boss.
"Who cares? Just get out of here!" Yelled Jimmy.
"I shall find someone to fuck me..." Said Bigman, and turned and walked out the door.
"Now, where were we?" Said Jimmy, rubbing his hand together.
"I was defecating on the floor like you told me too." Said Mary.
"Well, stop that. Now I want you too..."
Jimmy's evil schemes were interrupted by loud screaming coming from down the hall. He ignored it.
"Now, as I was saying, I want you to..."
Suddenly Finkleman from distribution burst in the door.
"Run for your life! The boss has gone crazy he's trying too..."
"Go fuck yourself Finkleman!" Shouted Jimmy, something he'd always wanted to say.
"Yes, my master..."
Jimmy covered his eyes but could not block out the horrible sounds as Finkleman carried out his orders...

Jimmy woke up under his desk. He could see a pair of neatly pressed trouser legs from where he was laying. He stood up.
"Sleeping again, eh Pushover? Thats the third time this week! Tell me why I shouldn't fire you?"
"Go fuck yourself!" Shouted Jimmy.
"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Shouted his boss so loudly that the cubicle walls shook.
"I, uh, I said good luck yourself..."
Bigman fumed, his face red, steam shooting out of his ears.
"I want you out of this office now! Get out before I kill you!"
Jimmy ran down the hall and down the stairs as fast as his legs could carry him.

That night at home he didn't even have the heart to put on his new Brazilian horse show video. He sat all alone in his closet and cried till he eventually died of starvation.
The End.

Oh yeah... I promised you puppies, didn't I?

There, now make up your own damn story. I'm tired as all Hell.

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Anonymous said...

This story was pretty good, and you did promise puppies.

Well, all's well and good.