Friday, October 16, 2009

Angel with a Holy Sword Blues

Everyone and their mother writes love songs, but not too many people write lust songs. Here's my attempt. This really isn't about anyone specific, just all the goody good girls I've ever known. I've often wondered if they were hiding something...

Oh I've got those
Sleepy headed blues
When I close my eyes I see your face
And it hurts me deep inside
I want you open wide
But you're closed off by holy grace
I want you tied to the alter
Or spread out on the pew
You don't need no holy book
To tell you what to do
I want you bad
Bad bad bad
I want you bad

Now I know deep inside
That there's something you try and hide
And your goodness is only just for show
So take me as I am
And let me be a man
And tell me all the dirty things
That I know that you know
I want you bad
Bad bad bad
I want you bad

If I have to walk on water
To have a chance with you
Honey I'll do anything
That you want me to
I'll turn your water into wine
I'll multiply your bread
I'll die for you and rise again
If you'll just let me in your bed
I want you bad
Bad bad bad
I want you bad

I've got those sleepy headed blues
And this heat won't let me sleep
You're all I've been thinking of
For weeks and weeks and weeks
I know that lust is a sin
But my soul cries for release
How bout you be my sacrifice
And I sink my knife in deep?
I want you bad
Bad bad bad bad bad
Oh baby I want you bad

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