Monday, October 5, 2009

Favorite Christmas Songs

For some reason instead of going to bed despite being massively tired and cranky, I decided to put up a completely random post about my very favorite Christmas songs. Now you can sit around the fire with Grandma and Grandpa and enjoy your eggnog while The UK Subs serenade you and bring the joy of the season into your heart:

Ah yes, wasn't that heartwarming? Next you have to play this joyful holiday tune by this merry yuletide choir while you roast your chestnuts:

Finally, here's a right jolly classic that'll put the Christmas spirit in everyone! Be sure to play it extra loud on repeat all night long, or Santa won't come!:

I'm in such a good Christmasy mood, I think I'm going to chop a random Pine tree down, set it on fire, and launch it with a catapult into a densely populated area. What? That's not how you celebrate the birth of Santa? But Santa loves fire! And if Santa gets angry, people will die!

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