Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

This started out as random thoughts but I got stuck on TGWTG. I hope this is the least bit interesting. It's pretty much just gushing fan adoration.

Lately I've been trying to catch up on the videos on I became a fan of the site unfortunately way too late and it's taken me literally months to start catching up. And if you want to really be a fan you have to catch up since references from past videos get repeated a lot and cross overs between series happens quite frequently. It's a great site but it's certainly an immersive one. For a newcomer it can also be a bit daunting trying to weed out the good stuff from the bad. I've watched videos from quite a few contributers that I actively dislike (cough, Film Brain) but the major stars of the site are consistently awesome. So which ones do I usually hit up? Sigh. I suppose I'll make a list.

The Nostalgia Critic
Of course! The founder of TGWTG and the center of it's universe. I suppose you could just say all of Doug Walker's stuff is essential which would include Bum Reviews and Ask That Guy with the Glasses.

The Nostalgia Chick
The Nostalgia Critic's distaff counterpart. Well, sort of. She's very funny in her own right and sometimes her stuff rivals Doug's on the hilarity scale. Plus she's...well....damn cute. What? I have a thing for nerd girls okay! Leave me alone!

Linkara does snarky reviews of bad comics. Horrible stupid intelligence insulting comics. Like Charles Barkley fighting Godzilla or Superman fighting twin clones of Hitler (yes, those are both real comic book plots). Even though these are all really funny, I like to space them out and thus I haven't gotten through them all yet.

I've been a fan of Spoony for quite awhile and it's awesome that he seems to be becoming more and more a part of the site. Of course he does have his own website: Spoony Experiment. His FMV reviews are some of the funniest things I've ever seen on the Internet.

That Jewish Guy

This is one of those smaller contributors that I gave a watch to and ended up really liking. His style isn't as off the wall as the other reviewers, in fact he's pretty laid back. He's funny, plus I've learned a lot about Jewish culture which is a plus.

Marzgurl's early videos were kinda shaky but she's gotten better and is really starting to develop her own style. I'm really not that into anime but I still like her videos, they have a kind of offbeat charm that makes me smile. Sigh. And yes, I do have a slight crush on her, I admit it...

So those are the major ones...what was I originally going to talk about? Oh yeah, the ads! I just wanted to bitch about the ads that their provider, has been running. I don't know if it's just a blanket for all the sites that use their service but you'd think they'd put site specific ads up. There's two of them that play before you load a video and they're both annoying as shit and since I'm catching up on videos, I've had to watch them both a million times! If you've been on the site latley, I think you'll know what I'm talking about. There's one for a clothing store and one for vodka and they're both stuck in my brain! I kind of think of TGWTG as a sort of nerdy site, so they don't really seem appropriate.

Alright, I will shut up now.


Anonymous said...

I think it's on TGWG's site as well, but check out Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Personally, I think it's hilarious.

Kurdt said...

I'll have to give it a look see when I can find the time, thanks!