Friday, October 30, 2009

Special Birthday Poem for Matt

I heard it was your birthday
I wish it was mine too
Cause if it was my birthday
Here's exactly what I'd do
First I'd find some zombies
And I'd shoot them in the head
And then I'd burn their bodies
To make sure they were dead
I'd sneak on a rocket to the moon
And then find some alien chicks
So that we could spoon
If it were my birthday,that's what I would do

But it's not my birthday
I wasn't born today
So it doesn't matter what I'd do anyway
But if I wasn't a million miles away
I'd throw you a big party
And we'd hang out all damn day

Happy birthday Matt! I hope your day is full of huge piles of cake and hot girls that jump out of said cakes.

1 comment:

mwyble said...

this. is. awesome.