Friday, October 9, 2009

Story a Day #7

Chubsy-Wubsy the fluffy bunny lived in a sunny meadow full of flowers. Everyday was sunny and even though it never rained the flowers still grew and there was always plenty of clover for Chubsy-Wubsy to eat. Everyday at noon Chubsy-Wubsy would awaken from her dreamless sleep and climb out of her cozy little hole in the ground to greet the day. Then she would frolic and play and eat clover till she was tired and then she would take a nap. After a bit she would wake up and frolic and play and eat clover till it was dark at which point she would crawl back into her cozy little hole and go to sleep. It was the same everyday and everyday was exactly the same.
One day Chubsy-Wubsy climbed out her hole to find another bunny standing outside waiting for her, his whiskers all in a-twitch. This bunny was black. Chubsy-Wubsy had never seen a black bunny before and it scared her.
"W-W-What do you want?" She asked in her little bunny voice.
"You must hurry!" Replied the black bunny, "Bun-bun castle is being attacked by the mean old Grumpuses and they're stealing all our carrots! If they get to the main holding chamber, we shall all surely starve!"
"But what do I care?" Replied Chubsy Wubsy "I have all the food I need right here. Why should I risk my life for the likes of you?"
The black bunny looked angry.
"If you don't they'll eventually come for your land too! You can't stay closed off forever!"
"Pah!" Replied Chubsy Wubsy "What nonsense! Once they take your carrots they'll have enough to live and they'll leave me alone. No get out of my field black thing you!"
"I was sent here to warn you. Come join us and fight or you shall surely perish." Said the black bunny, and with that he turned and hopped away.
Chubsy Wubsy watched till he was out of sight and then continued her frolicking and eating of clover.
Days past into months and months passed into years and Chubsy Wubsy grew old and eventually died of old age. Her meadow was plowed over and turned into a suburban housing development. One day a small child tripped over her hole and broke his ankle and the city filled it up with cement. Chubsy Wubsy's bones were frozen at the bottom for all eternity till eventually the universe collapsed in on itself and there was nothing left but the cold void of space.
The End


Jamo Smith said...

I like it. So thorough and educational.

Kurdt said...

Thanks! And thanks for reading!