Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Late Night Thoughts

I got off work for a half day today and of course I wasted it by sleeping through my time off. My brain did the seeing spiders thing again, twice! I woke up once and there was a little yellow one scurrying right by my head that vanished when I quickly turned the light on. That one was at least plausible, but then it tried it again by dangling a huge black one from the ceiling and there was no way that one could have been real. I'm still trying to figure out why this keeps happening. I'm not scared of bugs and spiders normally, in fact I love the damn things. I suppose the idea of them crawling on me while I sleep is kind of freaky though, maybe thats where my brain is coming from. Maybe I'm just going insane.

So anyways, because I took a much too long nap today, I'm now unable to sleep at the moment, aimlessly wandering the Internet. It's a total loss though, I did find this webcomic that looks like it just got started up: Loneliest Astronauts. I really like the way it looks and the jokes are pretty funny. Check it out if you get a chance.

Speaking of funny, I was thinking today about what kind of sitcom I would write, If I were to write a sitcom. It would be a really depressing show about a family of drunken abusive trailer trash, but it would have the standard annoying laff track.
Husband: "I told you not to talk back bitch!" *Smack*
Audience: "Ooooooh*
Wife: "If you ever touch me again, I'll kill you, do you understand? I'll fucking kill you!"
Audience: (Laughs)
Husband: "Not if I cut your fucking fingers off first!"
Audience: (laughs)
Then the husband proceeds to chop off his wife's fingers while the audience roars with laughter.
Do you think the studio executives would go for it? How about if I made one of the teenage characters X-treme? Is there such a thing as X-treme trailer trash? No, I guess it'd have to be the annoying neighbor kid. He'd always be coming over and spouting his catchphrases till the husband chases him off with a sawed off shotgun.
What should I call this show? How about According to Jim Bob? Or How I Drove Your Mother to Suicide? Or Eight Simple Rules for Knocking Up my Teenage Daughter?
And Danny Trejo would defiantly have to be in it, because he's just so awesome. I'd make him a bad ass preacher that recites bible verses while kicking ass at least once every episode. Who wants to back me on this? It could be the greatest show ever! Hmmm, maybe I could get Robert Rodriguez to direct...

I suppose I should try to go to sleep. I just hope the damn spiders stay away...

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