Friday, January 9, 2009

Cool Comix!

Writing is one of the few things I'm actually sort of good at. I don't have a smidgen of illustrative talent, I suck at most sports other than running (which I've always loved to do), other than the trumpet in high school musicality has eluded me, and I'm not good at talking to girls. The fact that I can't draw is probably the most frustrating thing but I think it helps me appreciate really good art when I see it. Ever since I was a little kid I've loved cartoons and comics. The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes were my favorite comics when I could get my hands on them and probably helped to shape a good deal of my world view. I got kind of gipped on TV cartoons though. Saturday morning was already lying in its bed, wheezing and waiting to be put out of its misery by the time I was of cartoon watching age. Plus we were poor and didn't have cable so I only had three channels to pick from. Hear that you young whipper snapper kids, three channels! I'll leave my ruminations on how I finally got to see Ren and Stimpy and that glorious day when we finally did get basic cable for another post. All I really wanted to do was make a list of my favorite webcomics.
With the newspapers endlessly running bland crap for old people to chuckle over their morning coffee (with the possible exception of Get Fuzzy) where does a comics fan go who isn't the slightest bit amused at Marmaduke leaving a bone on his master's chair or that hideous mutated blob called Ziggy? Why the web of course! The problem with comics on the Internet is the same thing wrong with much of the web, its blessing and its curse is that almost anyone can create something and post it up. For every good well drawn one you find theres 50 stick figure comics about video games. Here's some wheat among the chaff that I've managed to find:

Dumm Comics!
Talented funny people doing awesome funny comics, a must! I really can't say enough good about this site, I love it to death!

Cul De Sac
Most newspaper comics suck, but this one is very very good. I only read it on the web though, so I count it as a webcomic.

Kate Beaton

Her style is a bit crude but I get really get a kick out of her stuff, plus she lives in Canada, how aboot that?

If you're a fan of Nickleback, do not read this site, the Sphinx will eat you. Updates every Monday, if the author finishes on time.

The Perry Bible Fellowship
Unfortunately not updating anymore, but you can still browse the archives. PBF is like an extreme version of The Far Side. If that turns you off, then for the sake of your constitution, please proceed with caution.

Daisy Owl
A sweet and funny comic about two kids being raised by an owl and a bear. Start with the archive and read forward.

Those are the ones that I like enough to check regularly. Any suggestions for good stuff that I'm missing?

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