Monday, January 5, 2009

Every Planet We Reach is Dead

I'm in such a pissy mood today. I've tried to write about why in two deleted posts but it just sounded like whining. So fuck it. So I guess this documents a mood then, since tomorrow I'll feel better again right?
On a random note, you know what I learned today? I learned from the Internets that if you watch when Oz flies away in his balloon without Dorthy and she goes "Come back oh you must comeback!" and he shouts "I can't come back I don't know how it works!" if you watch right before that you'll see that the Tin Man is the one who lets the balloon go! I have seen that damn movie a million times and I never caught that. Apparently theres also a million little goofs that you have to be really quick to catch. I noticed the last time I watched it that one time when the witch is ranting she hits the wall and it shakes revealing that its a curtain backdrop!

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Why am I just discovering this hilarious site now? I'm about 5 years behind on my interneting apparently.

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Anonymous said...

YES! Another Gorillaz fan!