Friday, January 16, 2009

Like a kid on Christmas!

So after a long week of work with very little free time to do anything, writing aside, my soul was pretty much dead. To cheer myself up I trudged down to the store to do one of my favorite things ever: scour the cheapo bargain bin for horror movies. And what did I find this fine Saturday morning? Holy crap! The bargain box was filled with Something Weird DVDs for about 10 bucks a piece! Due to my oversleeping after a long lack of sleep, my head was fuzzy and I thought I was dreaming. In fact I've actually had dreams like this but the stuff usually disappears before I can get it home. I grabbed as many as I could, completely blowing my movie budget for the whole month, but hey, If I only grabbed three I'd go back next weekend to get the rest anyways and they might be gone. So here's what I got:

Eight Something Weird releases that includes three Herschell Gordon Lewis flicks, three double features and one triple feature that comes out to 13 movies!

So with this one that I grabbed randomly

plus a pile of dollar DVDs that I got from a friend for Christmas that I just got in the mail today...well...I have have a ton of movies to watch!

I'm going to watch the Gordon Lewis movies first since they're all ones that I've wanted to see for a long time and are always stupid messy fun.

With all the extras SW packs their releases with, this is going to be awesome! Oh the joys of being a nerd...


Phantom Spitter said...


I love Herschell Gordan Lewis movies! And those others look great too. I wish my local Wal-mart had stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Great, dude!

At most, I found Mel Brooks movies in the five dollar DVD bin at Wal-Mart, plus The Best of Jimi Hendrix for $10.00 in change.