Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Hate Work

I love writing. It's the balm on my soul after a long boring day of work. Of course most of the time when I'm there I'm writing poems and stories in my head anyways. I've gotten quite good at putting my body on auto-pilot while my brain is in a completely different world. Most of these stories are too weird to show anyone. Today I was on a forest planet fighting giant bugs with my trusty and very cute female sidekick Cal-5. Yesterday I was on a deserted island that turned out to be haunted and escaped just as the ghouls started to come out of the woods and swarm the beach. Do other people do this? Am I just that strange and immature? I hope I'm not the only one!

This week has been very very long already and work has sucked up much of my free time. Thus I most likely won't get to more Tales from the Crypt or any movies till Saturday when I can finally catch up on my sleep. It's bumming me out too, I hate work!

Upcoming projects: Try to live-blog a movie, that is write down my thoughts as the movie is going on and then post them here.
Odd albums, weird music that not much has been written about yet.
Some actual stories pulled from the head of yours truly.
And finally, more pictures since I keep forgetting to include those.
To make up for it here's a picture of Paquita from Dead Alive:

Isn't she cute? She's even cute at the end of the movie when she's covered from head to toe in blood and gore.
Sigh, quite the rambling post. Tune in tomorrow when I describe the contents of my laundry basket.

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