Monday, January 12, 2009

Naughty Rhymes for Naughty Children

I got so bored at work today that I regressed back to grade school. I pretended the stapler and the stapler puller on my desk were dinosaurs locked in a fight to the death (the stapler won), I started making spit balls to shoot at co-workers, and I had this strange desire for non-alcoholic juice and crackers. Oh, and I wrote these poems.

Teacher teacher is a troll
Her breath smells like a toilet bowl
Put a tack upon her chair
And watch her wet her underwear!

Daddy Daddy Bought new shoes
I gave them to the dog to chew
Daddy got so mad he spit
And took poor puppy to the vet
Vetty's scissors went snip snip snip
And cut off our poor doggy's...tail.

Timmy Timmy did a dance
Fell on the ground and pooped his pants
Asked the teacher for new clothes
And teacher punched him in the nose!

I snapped out of my temporary regression when I got yelled at for trying to take a nap on the floor at noon. Too bad, I wanted to go around pulling girl's hair to see if they liked me. I think that lands you in jail if you're an adult though...


Phantom Spitter said...

Great stuff! I can't wait to see your next movie review.

I don't advise the new color EC reprints. I've seen them and they were re-colored digitally and the art was "restored". However I do advise the cheap comic-book reprints on eBay. That was my first exposure to them.

kurdt said...

I probably won't get to movies till this weekend, its already been a long week and I haven't had much free time.

I ordered the first volume of Tales from the Crypt from Amazon. When it comes In I'll give it a little review, with some pictures. I hope the quality isn't as bad you say it is!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty good, man.

Heh. Timmy s#!t himself.