Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For You Blue

I got drunk
And I fell down
Smacked my head on frozen ground
I opened my eyes
And what did I see?
A blue fuzzy Fizzlelump
Staring back at me
He smiled and his doober bobbed
I sat up and he gave me a hug
Then we ran and laughed and played
In the magical land of Greedelay
We ran up the hills of Frugalbree
And said hello to its purple polka dotted bees
In the court of Calay I met the king
And kissed the princess on a swing
Then I saved her from a horrible scaly Grue
That had taken her to make a stew
I punched him hard in his evil eye
And he flew away into the sky
Then we all swam awhile in the lake of Glast
When a hand came down and grabbed me fast
It pulled me up and I waved goodbye
My poor little princess started to cry
The Fizzlelump hugged her tight
As my vision faded to night
I awoke in my hospital bed
With a pounding hammer in my head
I cried alone for my friends so far away
In the magical land of Greedelay

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