Friday, January 2, 2009

Marthon Update Part 3-Prom Night

You know what I hate? Having to use the word "original" when talking about some of my favorite movies. As in "the original Dawn of the Dead" or "the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre". It's getting damn annoying. Now because of a lame in name only remake I have to say "the original Prom Night". Granted there's like 3 sequels but still, fuck remakes of cult films! Cough, sorry, moving on...

So the movie opens with a bunch of kids running through a broken down old school house playing a rather morbid version of the classic "sardines" game called "killer." Of course one girl ends up dead after falling through a window and the other kids promise never to tell. Hmmm, who do you think is going to be the victims in this movie? After the neat and surprisingly brutal opening the movie settles into a "life of movie teens" groove until the actual prom night when a killer, bent on revenging the girls death, goes around with an ax cock-blocking horny teens in the worst way possible till the inevitable, but kind of cool looking, show-down with Ms. Curtis.

Prom Night is kind of special to me as it's probably the first slasher film I ever saw way back in Jr. High school. I didn't actually remember much about it other than the cool opening and Jamie Lee Curtis in a bra. Ah puberty, where is thy sting? Surprisingly the movie has a lot more T and A than I remember and a lot less gore. Thats probably because I watched an edited for TV version. Still the movie is pretty tame especially compared to other movies of its ilk around the same time, namely movies it ripped off like Halloween and Carrie. Still it has a lot more going for it than most lame horror crap that comes out now a days including its remake. Damn, thought I wasn't going to mention that (slaps own face several times). Plus Jamie Lee Curtis in a bra anyone? SPOILER: My favorite part by the way is when the dirty bully gets his head cut off back stage and it goes rolling down the aisle that the king and queen were supposed to walk down. Wonderfully dark stuff.

What's sad to think about though is that movies like this were probably responsible for teaching me what high school was going to be like. Of course when I actually got to high school I learned that its all a bunch of crap. Do you remember ax murderers running around hacking up the snooty popular girls? Or energetic disco dances and promiscuous sex with your prom date? No? Me neither what a load of crap!
I didn't even end up going to prom. Some of my friends decided that we'd have more fun going to a water park and then go stomping around Wisconsin Dells that weekend instead. And ya know what? They were right, I had a blast. Man, if I find out I really did miss some kids head getting cut off though, I'm going to be mad. I probably would have heard about it though, you think?

Okay, tomorrow the plan is to get up early and watch the last four movies and then do short reviews of them. Fun fun fun right? Hello? Oh well, I like doing this even if no ones reading. Goodnight invisible Internet people.

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