Saturday, January 31, 2009

Choose Your Own Fate Part 4

Before the thing can react you run into the living room.
"Hey, what the Hell are you doing?" The thing in your head shouts. "Take this!"
Suddenly your legs give way and you fall face first onto the carpet. Your reach for the TV, just barley hitting the switch before the thing steals away your hand and slaps you in the face.
The TV springs to life just as JJ bursts into the room with a loud cry of "Dynomite!"
The thing in your head chuckles and you laugh a bit yourself. Soon you are both laughing heartily along with the appreciative studio audience. When the shows over you go to switch off the TV your hand hits you hard in the nuts.
"What do you think, you're doing?" The thing screams as you writhe around on the floor in pain, "I want more!"
So you sit through another episode followed by Rhoda and Sanford and Son. Why are all these on the same channel tonight? you ask yourself. The only answer is the insistent laughter coming from your head...

It's several hours later and you're still being forced to watch sitcoms. After mini-marathons of the Partridge Family and Gilligan's Island you really can't take anymore. You speak to the thing controlling you.
"Listen you slimy piece of crap! I can't take anymore of this and if you don't give me back my brain I'll do something really horrible to you!"
"MORE MORE MORE!" The thing cries and laughs as Gilligan falls down for the 13th time that episode.
You have to do something! You can't take much more situational comedy!

What will you do? Any suggestions?


Phantom Spitter said...

1.) You must excape the horrible torture of sitcom after sitcom, so you remind the thing about its demand to go to the garage.

2.) Smash your head into the TV. It might electrocute both of you and end the pain.

3.) Keep watching TV. Maybe something will happen.

4.) Hear your parents (or one parent and a stranger) come home from the swingers' party.

5.) You're tired of this shit. Shove your hand up your nose and yank that nasty thing out!

J.R. Spumkin said...

From Spitter's, I'd go with number 1.

But just in case... I'll go with 4.

Phantom Spitter said...

Kurdt, does it count to choose one of my own? If so, I pick 1.

kurdt said...

Lol, yeah I'll count it, I was just trying to see what you guys would come up with. Those are all really good but number one seems to be the favorite.