Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Last Wave (1977)

Who are you?
Strange weather we're having isn't it?
What do you think it means?
Who are you?
Are you the snake?
Strange rain yesterday wasn't it?
Came down black as as oil...
Are you the fish?
Who are you?
And that hail...
What do you think it means?
I saw you last night in a dream
Are you a man?
Standing outside my door,
Those symbols...
What did he die for?
What did he see?
Who are you?
When I was a child I had strange dreams...
What do you think it means?
Who are you?


Phantom Spitter said...

Keep it up man! Just one more suggestion to movie reviews: possibly a few photos?

kurdt said...

Oh, thank you! I've been skimping on pictures haven't I? Huge blocks of text can be off-putting, Next review I'll break it up with some photos. Got some actual story-type stuff coming up in the future too, thanks for again for reading!