Saturday, January 3, 2009

Marathon Update-Part 4

Two more down two left! I'm kind of burned out today and I'm going to leave the last two for tomorrow. Here's two quick reviews of the ones I got in on this lovely Saturday.

Skeleton Man (2004)
A bunch of pseudo-military type people are hunted down by what's supposed to be an Indian demon spirit thing but it looks like a guy in a discount grim reaper costume. Made for TV and thus filmed on eye raping video tape instead of film, this movie exists to show people getting chopped up in various ways and...thats about it. It's never boring but it is incredibly stupid the whole way through. I give this one a D for effort and the fact that the filmmakers had the balls to include a making of featurette on the DVD.

13 Ghosts (1960)
A paleontologist inherits a weird old house when his creepy uncle kicks the bucket. When he moves in with his family in tow he finds out that its haunted by 13 GHOSTS!!! OOOH, SCARY! Well, not really. William Castle films were all about the in-theater gimmicks and this movies was illusion-O. Basically when you saw it in the theater you got a pair of modified 3-D glasses so you could choose if you wanted to see the ghosts or not. Without this gimmick, lame as it is, the movie is just another old haunted house film, better than some, worse than others. Castle's schlock fest gets a B mostly due to the presence of Margaret Hamilton who you may remember from an obscure little film called The Wizard of OZ. Boy was she a witch in that movie, let me tell you! The outside of the mansion was also used for the Munster's house and I of course couldn't help but whistle the theme music whenever they showed it. Good thing I don't have people to watch these movies with or they would have smacked me by the third time.

Come back tomorrow for the last two films, we've got an Amicus trilogy film and something about alien vampires. Should be a good time!

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